Launch of RefoundWare

I love to shop! I've found so many colorful,vibrant, fuzzy, fun clothes and accessories I wanted to share it with everyone! Where do I find most of my finds? Thrift stores! It's amazing what people give or toss away. I want to teach people the importance of reusing clothes, mending them, or creating something new out of them. All that stuff from the cheap stores in the mall is junk! It's called fast fashion which defined is inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. It's also a very evil, cruel, economic problem that is screwing up our world big time! More on that later! 

I also go all sorta of sales and find clothes that would otherwise be thrown out and find new homes for them.

Putting further focus on adding additional flare to items integrating artists and recycled fashion wares! It will be sure to bring our your weirdness in the best way possible! 

Keep an eye out for my continued journey to bring out your authenticity and personal expression!


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