A little more about myself


I live in Victoria Bc on a big beautiful island, I just turned 30 and i'm looking to take a big step and be my own boss! I have always had the an entrepreneurial itch. I even took a course for it! I love doing markets, meeting and talking with people about the positive effect crystals can have in there life.

One of my hobbies is hula hooping, I have been hooping for just over three years now. I'm currently sponsored by a company in Calgary who makes and sells hula hoops. I use my social media instagram account to sell there hula hoops to the online world. I love encouraging people to get into hula hooping and try something fun and exciting out. Hula hooping has taught me so much about myself. It helps to calm my mind and has helped me to improve my hand eye coordination, balance, and stamina. It's very good for your mind heart and soul!

My other interest is cake decorating and baking I went to school for baking a pastry arts and achieved a diploma. It was a really fun program where I learned hands on everything you can imagine to do with baking and how to decorate many different pastry items. We also learned more business practice subjects like marketing, cost analysts, management, and business communications. My favorite part of the course was the cake decorating classes. I have been making cakes since I was 15 years old. I now teach cake decorating part time at different community centers around Victoria and want to start a cake decorating guild here to help bring cake decorators together to share, and learn all about cake decorating.

I have a lot of experience working in the hospitality industry. My passion and drive really shine through working in hospitality. The long hours and hard work have really taught me a lot about serving people. I feel this experience mends well going into owning my own business. I also have a background in customers service, and sales having worked for ShawDirect Satellite for several years. 

I'm also a very good listener I really enjoy helping people and have come to relies I am an empath, one who has a desire to help others and can almost feel there emotions. I feel this goes well working directly with customers.



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