FAQs & Additional policies


Where do you get your amazing finds from?

I search high and low across Vancouver Island and Vancouver stopping at thrift stores, costume shops, estate sales, garage sales and where ever I see a good find :) Follow me on Instagram to see my adventures ! 


Do you offer custom designs?

I am currently working on setting up a collective of my friends artwork that will be added to thrift items I find :) If you have something bland you would like to have jazz up and have custom artwork added to please contact me at info@refoundware.com and we can discuss things to your hearts content!  

I would like to meet you, do you sell at markets?

Yes! I first started my business selling to ravers at local events around Victoria BC. Keep a watch on my Facebook or Instagram to see where I will be next! I work with events companies like Submersive Tribe, Dubversified Culture  I will also be headed to regular markets this year, stay tuned! 

Accepted payments:

We accept major Credit Cards, PayPal, MasterCard, Apple Pay, American Express

I prefer to use Paypal, however you can still pay without a Paypal account just with your credit card. Just choose the option 'Paypal' and then find the option 'pay by credit card'



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